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I was fortunate enough to find Jason Canipe and his team at AAMCO. I was having a strange issue with my transmission which was creating unusual shifting practices and difficulties in getting the car to go into gear. I became concerned that further damages were occurring if this issue was not addressed correctly. My normal neighborhood mechanic followed the diagnostic codes which pointed to pricey component removal, but with little explanation or reassurance that this would resolve the problem. My concern with this approach was that this was going to be another less than cost effective hunt and peck part replacement approach, which I believe most people have experienced with a less skilled technician. Blindly replacing parts based on codes rather than truly analyzing the problem and cause & effect issues could prove costly on my 6 year old vehicle. I then went to the dealership thinking they would have the most experienced technician and specific insight into any systemic or targeted issues with my vehicle's transmission, but more of the same, with their only proposed solution a total replacement of the transmission at a considerable cost. While researching and exploring my options for repair, I was most impressed with Jason and this AAMCO shop. He took his time in discussing the problems and symptoms of my transmission, scientifically explained the diagnostics and rationale behind how they would check the vehicle, in addition to the confidence I had in knowing they could handle the issue turnkey, regardless of what their diagnostics revealed. They truly had my best interest at heart with the way they targeted the issues and cost of repairs. I did not find that level of experience, knowledge of transmissions, or just professional consideration when I looked elsewhere. In the end, incredible service and value with targeted diagnostics and costs that put me back on the road quickly and at considerably less cost than others. If you are experiencing a transmission problem, I would strongly suggest and endorse Jason and this AAMCO shop as your solution. I will be telling all my friends and local neighbors should they have a problem as well. Thank you for the incredible service


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